Airborne Transmission Is Not The Problem


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are telling us: "People frequently touch their eyes, nose, and mouth without even realizing it" and “Up to 80% of all infections are spread by hands” and "Avoid touching your face with unwashed hands”. An average person touches their face with “unwashed hands” 16 times per hour. These hands belong to the subconscious brain, so people can't simply decide not to touch their face. This routine behavior is automatic and not a disorder, but in fact very common.

Pink eye, eye warts, influenza, and literally hundreds of types of infections are spread this way. People get 200 colds in their lifetime. Imagine how many less you would get if you stopped touching your face subconsciously?

A new solution has been created: The HandsDown™ wearable device. A completely new product using patent pending technology. It will catch your subconscious brain in the act. After a short training period, people using the HandsDown™ improve dramatically, then don't need the device anymore. This is possible because the device objectively measures behaviour, then instantly provides feedback, a very powerful combination for behaviour changes.


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A wearable device senses facetouching and provides instant feedback with silent vibration.

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