Is The Secret to Avoiding Sickness REALLY This Simple?

The US Center for Disease Control says 80% of all sickness (colds, flu, etc) are spread THIS way...

Let’s play a simple guessing game: 

How many times per day do you touch your face ?



Twenty times? 

According to a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene that showed people, without even noticing it, touch their face an average of 15.7 times per hour, or over 250 times a day.

And of course, in-between all those touches, our hands are touching money that’s been touched by hundreds of others, door knobs, pens, tabletops, and often even other people’s hands directly. 


But you wash your hands, right? That makes it all better… right? 

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 4.06.11 PM.png

Well, something tells me you aren’t washing your hands 250 times a day. In fact, the Global Hygiene Council advises six-hand washings per day. 

Something feels off, doesn’t it?

How Germs are REALLY Spread

So… let’s make this crystal clear:

Little Johnny who lives across town has a nasty cold. You know the type - sore throat, mucus draining out every orifice, headache, dizzy, whatever. 

So Johnny wipes his face - one of his 250 times of the day, and before one of his six-hand washings, he grabs a banana off the counter. Of course, Johnny can’t open it, because he’s four, so he hands it to his Mom. 

Of course, it’s not just a banana he hands to his mom. He also unknowingly hands her his Cold. 

Johnny’s mom is running late for work, so after opening the banana and kissing Johnny goodbye, she heads to the car. She arrives at work and … the first person she sees is YOU.

"Good morning,” Johnny’s mom says to you as she holds out her hand. 

And, of course, you shake it.  Suddenly that cold virus is on you.

You walk back to your desk… and the tickle starts.

Small, at first. Just to the right of your nose, below the cheek. 

Such an innocent thing -you don’t even consciously realize it. But your hand leaves your side,  travels higher and higher, and a quick flick of your fingers gives relief to that itch.

And like that, Johny’s cold is now on your lips, entering your mouth, and into your body. 

The next day you wake up… and your throat is a little sore. 

“I hope I’m not getting sick,” you say to yourself. “I can’t afford to miss any work. And I really don’t want my kids to get it.” 

But it’s too late. You have, and within hours, your kids will have it too. You’ll miss work, they’ll miss school, and everyone will be miserable. 

If only you hadn’t touched your face.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 4.06.16 PM.png


Getting germs on our hands is inevitable. We’re constantly touching stuff all day, and we have no idea who’s touched those things before. We can’t stop other people from spreading their sickness all over the planet.


Even if those germs are inevitably going to end up on your hands, do they have to inevitably end up in your mouth? 

And besides the obvious danger of colds, flus, and other sicknesses that are transmitted by contact… touching one’s face can lead to other significant issues. 

For example, touching one’s face can increase the prevalence and severity of acne, redness, herpes, and even deadly staph infections.

But … what if you could stop, permanently and 100%, from subconsciously touching your face? 

Is it even possible to stop? 

Can People Really Stop Touching Their Face?

But, of course, touching your face isn’t a conscience thing. 

Chances are, you’ve touched your face at least once since you began reading this article. 

So can we really stop? 

Yes, but for many, it can be more difficult than quitting smoking. The Huffington Post, in an interview with Dr. Ava Shamban, author of Heal Your Skin, advises individuals to spend a session with licensed hypnotherapist.”  

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 4.08.06 PM.png



You’re going to spend hundreds- possibly thousands of dollars - to try and hypnotize yourself into not touching your face? 

There has to be an easier way.

At least - that was the thought Boone Greenly, a project manager from Minnesota, had one day when he had finally had enough of getting the cold. With three kids at home, and one on the way, Boone realized that when one kid got sick… the whole family got sick.

Time and time and time again. 

So Boone decided to find a way to train his subconscious mind to stop touching his face - to break the chain of infection.

For his sake and for his children’s sake

After years of study and product creation and testing, he finally created HandsDown, a simple wearable device - no larger than a pen - that, with just a minimal amount of training, was able to 100% cure him from touching his face. 

So, after realizing the magnitude of improvement this led in his own life, this reluctant inventor realized he had stumbled onto something that could not only change his life and the life of his family - but the lives of millions of others. 

He could help others stop touching their face - giving them the same freedom he found for himself. 

How to Stop Touching Your Face - Forever - Guaranteed.

Introducing: HandsDown, the patent-pending, wearable device that trains your brain to stop touching your face. 


It’s so easy to use it almost feels like cheating. 


  1. Wear the device in the privacy of your own home for just an hour a day while working, walking the dog, watching TV, whatever. You won’t even know that it’s there, unless...

  2. Any time your hands go up to your face, the device quietly vibrates, immediately bringing the subconscious action to the center of your mind, giving you time to redirect those hands.

  3. Users report being able to break the habit of face-touching by using the device just an hour a day for two weeks, depending on the severity of the habit. Some find permanent relief in just one or two sessions, while others take longer. 

Like going to the gym or trying to learn a new skill, change doesn’t happen overnight. But unlike that gym routine, HandsDown doesn’t require any more effort than connecting the device to your shirt and continuing on with your day. 

Changing a habit doesn’t get any easier. HandsDown is potentially the most life-changing device you’ll ever own. Imagine a life where the cycle of germ spreading stopped with you. 

Which is why we want to make sure YOU get your own HandsDown wearable device.

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